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A personal perspective piece on living, loving and wellness with Yoga and Ayurveda.

Ayurveda has been guiding my day to day for more than a decade now, bringing greater balance, nurture and delight – especially with kitchen healing! Ayurveda brought joy into my kitchen and forever changed my relationship with food; several times, Ayurveda called for reconsideration and rebalance of work, rest and play (enter nidra, meditation and nature’s revelations); and most gradually, Ayurveda changed my way of relating with loved ones, community and our wider world.

And so Ayurveda has grown my perspective of life and living in ways that echo Ayurveda’s pillars of health and longevity. At first it was easy to feel overwhelmed by all the “rules” and daily acts of self-care felt all too much. Until eventually all that self-care became habit and I felt able to make my own choices in support of my wellness. I also realised the effects were cumulative because I was already on my way to living the benefits.

As a way of healing, Ayurveda has inspired Somama Yoga & Ayurveda’s offerings of care. My work with women becoming mothers began shortly after the birth of my son, based on the traditions of Ayurvedic postpartum care and therapeutics of Yoga.

I’d come to yoga some years earlier when, brimming with exuberance, I signed up to a series of (hot) yoga classes. I thought I was just signing up for an exercise class. On the floor in a sea of nausea and a sweat puddle one day, I met an unfamiliar experience of boundless sensation within and all around me. That little happening set me on a path of personal practice that led eventually to teaching.

Today, Somama's Yoga classes focus on supporting women’s wellness, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum rejuvenation with practices imbued with qualities of joyfulness, gentleness and compassion.