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Discover the art and science of Yoga and Ayurveda with personalised wellness consultations.

Enhancing Digestion

Explore Ayurvedic principles of nutrition, taste and kitchen healing with delicious recipes to support optimal digestive function, weight and wellness. Enrich your understanding of foods to nourish your body's unique constitution and come back into relationship with your food.

Women’s Wellness

A guiding pathway to balancing your life, to balance your hormones and health. Boost mood and vitality with nutrition, lifestyle, yoga and self-care techniques to support your monthly menstrual cycle and reproductive health, from menarche to menopause.

Yoga Therapy

Delve deep into therapeutic principles of Yoga with a personal exploration of koshas and yogic ecology. Your initial consultation is followed by a personalised asana, pranayama and meditation session to enhance balance, healing and transformation in your life.

Embracing Motherhood

For women becoming mothers, Yoga and Ayurveda's traditions of care nourish and nurture you into motherhood.

Preconception & Fertility

Preconception preparation to enhance fertility naturally, nourish your reproductive tissues and prepare your body for conscious conception and pregnancy.


Nurture body, mind and baby with special nutrition, lifestyle and yoga practices as well as Ayurvedic insights on baby's prakruthi and development throughout pregnancy.


Consultations and care plans for your complete rejuvenation after birth, based on nurturing principles of care and deep nourishment with recipes for digestion and lactation support.

New clients: Initial Consultation $120 (75 minutes)
Existing clients: Follow Up Consultation $80
(45 minutes)
Comprehensive notes, information sheets, recipes and more
are also provided to guide your implementation and self-care at home.
Consultations are currently available online only.


"This time around I knew I wanted to take good care of me after pregnancy and birth, and to build a solid foundation (physically and mentally) on which to care for my new child. Amy's consultation provided me with a clear understanding of postpartum Ayurvedic principles and practical examples on how I could bring these into my life. Amy provided easy to read recipes that were not only delish, but easy for my hubby to make. My body soaked them up and I recovered from this birth much faster than my first and have also gained life long habits. I wish for every mother to be to have access to this ancient wisdom! Amy's style is gentle and caring and she listens and shares her Ayurveda teachings with heartfelt compassion. Eternally grateful for the gift of good post partum health. Thank you!" - Bridget S.

“Definitely a huge improvement in digestion. And most importantly, thank you. I felt so 'heard' and supported.” – R.C.

“Exactly what was needed…The food and recipes were so helpful for both my digestion and [my baby’s]. ” -M.C.

“Thank you for what you have made and for planting the seed. Just brilliant advice you have imparted. Currently devouring your mung dahl … whilst cooing over my big kapha baby … in absolute bliss – filled with wonderment.” - C.C.