As women, we are deeply attuned with nature’s eternal rhythms. Yoga and Ayurveda can guide us through our days, monthly cycles, seasons, maternal passages and life transitions with traditions of care for body, mind, heart and soul

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Yoga invites us to explore movement, breath, meditation, relaxation and ritual for deeper awareness, cultivating presence and connection. Ayurveda uses qualities of foods, herbs and spices, daily rhythms aligned with nature’s cycles, and lifestyle practices to enhance the body’s healing potential and restore balance in our lives

Class Descriptions

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Beginners Yoga

Ideal for those new to yoga, this class provides a gentle introduction to basic yoga postures and mindfulness practices.


Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic class where movement is synced to the breath, creating a rhythmic flow. Suitable for intermediate practitioners or adventurous beginners.


Restorative Yoga

A slow-paced class focused on holding relaxing postures for longer periods. Excellent for stress relief and relaxation.